We understand that some patients prefer to have their appointments from the comfort of their own home or it may be inconvenient to come to one of our locations. Renew offers the flexibility of Telehealth visits with a physical therapist over Zoom.

Your physical therapist can conduct appointments virtually, including:

  • Gather information from you at the beginning of the session which will be used to help guide your treatment plan
  • Review mechanics for exercises you are currently performing, movement, and gait analysis
  • Advance your home exercise plan to include new or more challenging exercises
  • Educate on symptom management, body mechanics and posture as deemed necessary

Although your PT won’t be physically next to you, you’ll receive effective and thorough treatment. Our telehealth PT sessions emphasize movement, flexibility, symptom identification, and plenty of education. You’ll get real-time virtual guidance with foam rollers, myofascial rollers, trigger point balls, decompression cups, and other techniques to alleviate pain, improve motion, and get on the path towards healing.

Telehealth Arrangements

Some insurance plans cover telehealth physical therapy appointments. Please call your preferred clinic location for more information

Video Call Access

Information on how to access the video call:

You can also download the Zoom application here: Zoom Download


  • Have a photo ID to show your PT in order to verify your identity (also standard protocol for an in-clinic visit)
  • Ensure your phone/device charged and make sure you’re connected to Wi-Fi
  • Consider clearing a small space in your home and have equipment to access, such as weights or bands