Steve Mongiello, PT, Cert MDT, CSCS

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Steve Mongiello, PT, Cert MDT, CSCS

Renew Founder, Physical Therapist
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Steve’s passion is helping athletes understand their bodies, optimize their abilities, and learn how to manage current injuries and prevent future ones. He’s developed programs for athletes across the board—from professional athletes to weekend warriors.

As an athlete himself, Steve has a first-hand understanding of the mental and physical toll injury can take. He appreciates how a patient-centric approach can eliminate fear of the unknown and empowers individuals with tools to self-treat and manage their condition, while minimizing time away from their sport.

“Be strong, be fearless, be beautiful. And believe that anything is possible when you have the right people there to support you.”
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As an orthopedic manual PT for more than 25 years, Steve is one of the select handful of Certified McKenzie Method Provider therapists in the San Francisco Bay Area. An influential thought leader in his field, Steve has been featured on Good Morning America and other national and local media.

To fortify his clinical skills and stay current on the latest PT developments, he has 1,000+ hours of continuing education and counting. He holds a Physical Therapy degree from the State University of New York at Stony Brook and is a certified Strength and Conditioning Specialist.


Steve enjoys surfing, swimming, ice hockey, cycling, and endurance sports. He has completed five Ironman competitions, and countless Olympic triathlons, bay swims from Alcatraz and Angel Island, and is always up for a new challenge.