Mark Bautista, DPT, PT

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Mark Bautista, DPT, PT

Lead Physical Therapist / SCCE
  • San Francisco

Mark is deeply passionate about the principles he imparts, reflecting his dedication to biomechanics and the human body. His journey commenced during high school with his initiation into CrossFit, igniting his fascination with biomechanics and the human body. Yet, this path was fraught with challenges due to his hypermobility syndrome and a history of participation in various sports without proper guidance, resulting in persistent injuries and chronic pain. 

Mark’s transformation from incessant chronic pain to being active and pain free with a proud return to CrossFit bestowed him with invaluable insights that seamlessly blend with his therapeutic approaches. A holistic methodology underscores Mark’s strategies, meticulously tailoring treatment styles to harmonize with individual bodies and their specific injuries. His specialization lies in prescribing multiplanar functional exercises, complemented by specific manual techniques, enabling pain-free mobility and swift reintegration into daily activities. 

When you meet Mark for the first time, anticipate a comprehensive description of the cause of your pain, a structured roadmap to regain full function without band aid treatments, and a concise home exercise regimen (comprising 2-3 impactful exercises/stretches) that promptly addresses your injury or dysfunction. 

“Motion is lotion!”
  • Orthopedic Physical Therapy
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  • Sport-Specific Physical Therapy

Mark pursued Kinesiology at San Diego State University, simultaneously establishing himself as a certified personal trainer and corrective exercise specialist under his personal brand. Graduating with distinction, he obtained his Doctorate in Physical Therapy from the University of St. Augustine in 2020. His academic excellence was underscored by being a recipient of the “Stanley V. Paris and Catherine E. Patla Award for Excellence in Manual Therapy,” and he also was rewarded “Most Likely to Write a Study Guide Longer than a Textbook.” Mark earned the title at Renew Physical Therapy as Lead Physical Therapist, serves as a Clinical Instructor guiding Physical Therapy Students during their clinical rotations, instructs weekly post-hab workout classes, presents injury prevention workshops to the community monthly, and presents mentorship sessions for other physical therapists weekly. 


Mark is a creative-type that loves to spend his time coding, producing music, DJ’ing, and other creative pursuits. You can find Mark and his wife spending most of his days off at the gym doing CrossFit, practicing what he preaches.