The Renew Video Run Analysis (VRA) is a comprehensive evaluation to help runners address running pain or injury, prevent future injuries, and improve their running efficiency. A thorough evaluation will be performed by a physical therapist with extensive training and experience in identifying the relationship between biomechanics and running-related injuries. This analysis can help runners of all levels optimize their performance to achieve their personal best.

The Video Run Analysis includes:

  • A detailed injury and running history, including foot and shoe examination
  • Posture, functional movement, strength, and flexibility assessments
  • Slow motion, detailed video running recording
  • Frame-by-frame assessment of running biomechanics through all phases of running cycle (loading, stance, and swing phases from side and rear views)
  • Instruction in proper running technique based on video running recording and frame-by-frame analysis
  • A personalized home program based on findings, highlighting areas for improvement

Please bring your running shoes to your VRA appointment and be prepared to run on a treadmill and perform other movement-based tests and assessments.

Run Coaching

As a follow up to your Video Run Analysis, Renew also offers one-on-one Run Coaching services with a physical therapist. This 30-minute session offers the opportunity to further improve form and running posture, as well as guidance to increase power and performance into your training program.

Locations: Available at our San Francisco office