The Renew Video Run Analysis (VRA) is a one-hour comprehensive evaluation that helps runners learn about and improve their running biomechanics. A VRA can be utilized for injury prevention or to improve running efficiency.  A thorough evaluation will be performed by a physical therapist with extensive training and experience in identifying the relationship between biomechanics and running-related injuries.

We use trusted technologies Runeasi and Onform to provide real-time biofeedback for gait retraining, empowering runners of all levels to proactively prevent injuries and optimize performance. Together, these technologies provide a comprehensive and precise approach to video run analysis. 

The Video Run Analysis includes:

  • In-depth exploration of injury and running history  
  • Comprehensive functional movement screening, strength testing, and mobility Assessment.  
  • Engage in up to 10 minutes of recorded running on the treadmill using Onform and RunEasi technology  
  • Multi-plane, frame-by-frame assessment of running biomechanics across all phases of the running cycle, including: loading, stance, and swing phases from side and rear perspectives  
  • Get personalized running cues and/or corrective exercise recommendations from analysis findings  
  • Utilize “running report card” to establish objective measures for reassessment in line with the analysis findings  
  • Receive recommendation for a follow-up session (typically in 6-8 weeks) to assess and track progress  

For your appointment, we recommend bringing running shoes and close-fitting sports attire. Be prepared to run on the treadmill and perform other movement-based tests and assessments.

About Runeasi Technology  

Runeasi provides real-time biofeedback to examine dynamic stability, symmetry, and impact with a comprehensive running report card that quantifies running efficiency. It precisely identifies asymmetries, fine-tunes running efficiency, and assesses goal pace, empowering proactive gait retraining, preventing injuries, and optimizing track and trail performance.  

Runeasi session report dashboard

About Onform Technology  

Onform is a software platform that delivers a complete set of video analysis tools. Using multi-dimensional analysis enables physical therapists to help clients understand and improve their gait performance. The analysis includes a breakdown of the entire running session video, spotlighting key moments, voice clips, and text feedback with video and notes.  

Onform video analysis screen

Strength Training

As a follow up to your Video Run Analysis, Renew also offers one-on-one strength training services with a physical therapist. This 40-minute session offers the opportunity to further improve form and running posture, as well as guidance to increase power and performance into your training program.

Locations: Available at our San Francisco office