Pilates Reformer is an adaptable, total body, low-impact exercise that can help individuals enhance their overall health and well-being. It’s considered one of the most functional exercise programs available, training the body’s stabilizing muscles and tissues to enable all movement, improve posture, build core strength, and increase flexibility. It’s also very beneficial for post operative care, and chronic back and neck pain.

Program Overview

The Renew pilates program is unique because it’s taught by licensed physical therapists. Our PTs use their specialized expertise in using the reformer, pilates concepts, and movement to help clients reach their goals with support and guidance.

Pilates Reformer training includes:

  • Licensed physical therapists with specialized pilates training and expertise
  • Individualized instruction with modifications, using the Balanced Body Studio Reformer
  • Movements that lengthen and strengthen your muscles while stabilizing your core
  • Proper technique with hands-on adjustment and corrections
  • Improvements in postural control and body awareness

Locations: Available at our Novato, San Francisco and San Diego offices