A consistent exercise program is the best way to help optimize your fitness goals. Renew takes your training to the next level with a customized program developed by a specialized physical therapist. Our physical therapists have extensive experience in strength training, advanced biomechanics, and helping you avoid pain and injuries in your training work outs.

Program Overview

A physical therapist will evaluate your mobility and strength through a movement analysis. Then an individualized exercise program will be created based on your exercise goals. The plan will target exercises with the biggest impact, helping you to reach your goals more efficiently. We’ll also optimize your biomechanics to help you avoid injuries and keep your program and goals on track.

Private personal training includes:

  • Biomechanical evaluation, including mobility, strength, and endurance assessment
  • Research-based selection of goal-specific exercises
  • Guided progressions through a strength training program
  • Continual assessment of progress and goals
  • Education on proper mechanics with exercise

Locations: Available at our San Francisco office