Exercise and movement should make you feel balanced and RENEWed! Exercise regimens typically focus on isolated body parts and one movement plane. 3D Strength Training offers a functional movement program that activates all three movement planes—tapping into deeper core stability and strength to help develop strength in all planes of motion (those beyond running, swimming, or activities with forward and backward motion only).

Unlike most 3D strength training, our classes are instructed by licensed physical therapists, who provide specialized expertise in how to get the most out of your body.

Program Overview

  • Utilizes a research-based approach that combines fitness and therapeutic movement to improve the way you move
  • Taught by licensed PTs with specialized training in optimizing body movement
  • Interval-style workouts use balanced 3D exercises with customized modifications for individual strength and weaknesses
  • Small class size ensures skilled and individualized supervision
  • We encourage class participants to arrive early and go through a mobility/warm up routine. If you don’t have one, we can develop one for you.

Locations: Available at our San Francisco office