Following his lifelong passion, CEO/Founder Steve Mongiello started Renew Physical Therapy in Mill Valley, California in 2008. For the past 15 years, he and his team have grown the business to five thriving clinics in Northern and Southern California.

Renew has expertise in over ten different specialty services—from Adolescent PT to Spine Care, including less-mainstream treatments like pelvic health and TMJ. We also offer customized programs such as video run services, blood flow restriction training, and other individual instruction for unique patient needs.

Each clinic reflects the culture, demographics, and lifestyle of the community it serves. We partner with local area teams, schools, fitness organizations, and individual athletes as an integral part of our practices.

Our care philosophy is focused on one-on-one care that is evidence based, driven by patient empowerment, and taking an active role in their treatment and journey to healing. This allows patients to oftentimes avoid painful surgeries, long-term PT care, or unnecessary invasive procedures.

Here’s why the Renew approach works for our many patients:

Fosters empowerment: Patients gain a better understanding of the underlying causes of their injuries and pain, learning how to treat themselves, and ultimately developing an awakening into their own self-reliance.

Home-based rehabilitation: Our easy-to-perform, personalized home rehabilitative exercise program can be incorporated into our patients’ routines without a PT’s assistance or regular appointments.

Cost-conscious care: We minimize client costs by avoiding or minimizing expensive diagnostic tools such as MRIs and X-rays (unless absolutely needed). Rehabilitation and maintenance exercises require few, if any, equipment costs.

Our Renew team looks forward to working with you to create a more healthy, empowered, and pain-free life. Get in touch.